Pioneering Virtual Queueing System

Effectively manage sudden spikes in traffic to prevent server overload, by providing intelligent “virtual waiting room” so that everyone can enjoy a fair, pleasant queuing experience!

Introducing Queue-it

Queue-it is a Danish company that specializes in providing online queuing and traffic management solutions for websites and mobile applications. Their “virtual waiting room” solution can enhance website performance and availability by preventing sites from overloading and crashing during sudden spikes in traffic. Through an intelligent virtual queuing system, it improves the online waiting experience for users and ensures fair queuing for all visitors.

Without requiring major hardware investment, it allows businesses to flexibly and easily cope with traffic peaks, improve operational efficiency, maximize conversion rates, and avoid potential customer loss.

No More System Crashes By Traffic Overload

Relieve sudden traffic surges,
no more crashes

Strengthen system stability and
reduce maintenance cost

Reduce complaints and
improve digital experience

Enhance government/
corporate image

Smotth checkout and
payment process for e-commernce

Key Features

How Queue-it help?

Bot & Abuse Management

Queue-it system will place all early visitors in a ‘pre-queue’. When the website goes live, all early visitors will be randomly assigned an order to enter the website, eliminating the advantage of automated programs visiting the website early. At the same time, the ‘virtual waiting room’ is equipped with IP address analysis and other tools to help retailers identify and block automated program users.

Traffic Control & Insights

The operation of the waiting room is completely transparent to visitors. Visitors can clearly see the real-time queue status, how many people are ahead of them waiting, and the estimated wait time. This public and transparent model eliminates uncertainty and gives visitors a sense of trust and reassurance. When website traffic returns to normal levels, Queue-it will allow queued visitors back onto the site based on the first-come, first-served principle.

Invite-Only Access

When websites or applications face high traffic, a specific batch of users can be granted direct access without going through the queue. This type of invited access is usually based on user identity or attributes, such as VIP members, loyal customers or specific groups. Businesses can preset these priority lists, and when Queue-it detects traffic overload, it will automatically activate invitation-based mode.

For new release, seasonal sale, limited offer and event ticket

Queue-it can implement a virtual waiting room at the critical moments, such as adding to cart, login, checkout, or landing on specific pages – directing visitors to the waiting room only when website traffic exceeds system capacity. The system applies to a wide range of platforms including websites, mobile, native apps, and progressive web apps.

Improve user experience and

Reduce complaint and Improve brand image

Real-time update with high transparency.

Minimize maintenance and up-scaling cost

Success story

Master Concept Collaborates with Queue-it to Implement Virtual Queue System for Taipei Pass APP

Master Concept assisted the Taipei Pass APP in integrating the “”Queue-it Virtual Queuing System.”” When system traffic reaches a preset limit, Queue-it automatically directs some users into a “”virtual waiting room.”” Users are then allowed to enter the website or APP in a transparent, first-come, first-served manner based on their order in the queue.
On the day when the winning list for Bear Vouchers / Taipei Digital Stimulus Vouchers was announced, traffic surged tenfold, skyrocketing from about 1,000 users to over 10,000 users accessing Taipei Pass. Despite this, Queue-it ensured the system ran smoothly, preventing page loading delays or crashes.

Trusted by famous companies


Why Master Concept?

Master Concept has a proven track record of successfully partnering with Queue-it across a wide range of industries in Hong Kong to streamline their online queueing processes and enhance the customer experience. Through long-term collaborations, we have helped numerous commercial corporates & public organizations smoothly launch digital events while providing end-to-end solutions to resolve queuing challenges.

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