Modern Device Management and Security Protection

Gone are the days of complex security processes. Now, you can manage endpoint devices, verify identities, and implement other security measures all from a single platform. In the era of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), empower your team to work efficiently in any operating system, anytime and anywhere, while ensuring the security of your corporate data!

About Jamf

Jamf helps organizations simplify workflows and elevate user experiences on Apple devices while ensuring Trusted Access to devices and services. It has become the benchmark for all-in-one Apple management platforms across various institutions, departments, and industries. However, a company doesn’t rely on just one service, and similarly, mobile devices aren’t limited to the iOS ecosystem.
Jamf recognizes the need to support comprehensive information security for businesses and organizations. Therefore, it offers “”cross-platform”” support for mobile device security, allowing both Android and Windows devices to be brought under the Jamf security umbrella.

Multifunctional Platform for Security & Device Management

MDM Device Management
- Jamf Pro

  • macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS

Identity Authentication
- Jamf Connect

  • Identity and Access Management: macOS
  • Zero Trust Network Access: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows
  • Physical Access: iOS, iPadOS

Device & Network Security
- Jamf Protect

  • Mac Device Security and Compliance: macOS
  • Network Security Protection and Web Content Filtering: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows
  • Mobile Device Security Protection:iOS, iPadOS, Android

Key Features

How Jamf Help?

Endpoint Device Management

  1. Enables remote, zero-touch deployment.
    Streamlines device deployment and management processes.
  2. Provides access to internal enterprise applications, increasing user autonomy and optimizing their experience.
  3. Decades-long track record of providing same-day support for Apple OS upgrades and updates.
  4. Avoids containerization management methods,
  5. mitigating management risks.
  6. Highly scalable, easily managing from one to ten thousand devices, suitable for industries, departments, and schools of all sizes.

Identity Authentication & Account management

  1. Single Sign-On(SSO): Allows users to access multiple enterprise resources after a single login, improving user experience and work efficiency without multiple password entries.
  2. Password Synchronization and Management:Synchronizes user passwords from enterprise identity management systems to Apple devices, enabling users to use a unified password to log into different applications and resources.
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Provides a higher level of security to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive resources.

Device & Network Security

  1. Filter inappropriate content: pornography, violence etc. gambling, etc.
  2. Againts Digital Threats: Utilizes MI:RIAM machine learning for phishing website detection, preventing phishing attacks.
  3. Mobile Network Traffic Cotnrol: Avoids excessive data usage.
  4. Restrict External Access:Only allows access from compliant and certified devices.
  5. Latest VPN Endpoint Protection: Prevents “lateral movement” attacks.
  6. Real-time Threat Dection & Defense: Rapidly identifies and provides visibility into CVE vulnerabilities, security threats, and suspicious apps.
  7. BYOD Management & Enterprise Threat Defense:Balances personal privacy and enterprise security management.
  8. Maintains CIS compliance standards on devices in real time without impacting performance.

Jamf Meets All Your Device Management and Security Needs!

Do Apple devices need security protection?

In the past, people believed Apple's operating system differed from Windows and that iOS's sandbox mechanism meant security protection wasn't necessary. However, this is a misconception. As users and devices within enterprises grow, attacks targeting Apple devices are becoming increasingly common, at the device and network levels. Jamf offers device-level threat defense, data policies, secure access to business applications, and other measures to ensure users and devices are optimally protected.

How does Jamf assist enterprises to comply with ISO 27001?

Jamf is highly aligned with Apple regarding device deployment, providing a visual dashboard that gives administrators a clear overview of all device deployment aspects. For security management, each feature is designed based on CIS benchmarks, and a macOS compliance check toolkit is provided to verify device compliance status.

How does Jamf protect devices across platforms?

Jamf provides real-time risk scanning and continuous threat defence for mobile devices. It leverages MI:RIAM machine learning to reduce phishing risks. It block access to unsafe web content, such as pornography, violence, and gambling. A visibility platform provides a comprehensive view of suspicious apps and CVE vulnerabilities on devices.

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Why Master Concept?

Master Concept, as a certified partner of Jamf, provides more comprehensive and complete cybersecurity solutions to clients across the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to product demonstrations, implementation services, and technical consultations, we offer local support in Taiwan with exclusive discounts! Master Concept has a strong presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Macau, and other Asia-Pacific regions. Currently, we are collaborating with Jamf to help major industry clients in Taiwan strengthen their cybersecurity protection both on-premise and in the cloud.

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