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OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform which helps to narrow down your product delivery time by providing the tools for businesses to develop, deploy and manage enterprise applications.

Why OutSystems

build solutions

without limits

Low-code development platforms are visual-based, integrated development environments (IDEs) comprising many of the same tools and functionality developers and IT teams use separately to design, code, deploy, and manage an application portfolio. As with any product, low-code application development platforms vary greatly in terms of the developer experience and functionality.

Master Concept is the certified partner of OutSystems, who won the APAC Partner of the Year winners for 2019.

Visual Full-Stack Development

Drag-and-drop designer with no walls

Deploy to Any Device

Responsive Web App Native Mobile Apps

Full Life-cycle

Build > Deploy > Monitor > Manage

What can you build?

Create All You Need

to drive business value

Internal Applications

Unlock additional value from existing systems

Take advantage of the intensity of low-code development platforms to create modern, beautiful business applications that everyone will actually enjoy. 

Contemporary design templates, coupled with an intuitive low-code visual design interface, make application development easy for professional and citizen developers alike. 

Unlock extra value from existing systems and data through new mobile and web interfaces that help enforce business processes and improve efficiency across the enterprise. 

Automated tasks and replace the proliferation of Excel and Access solutions that are the inevitable consequence of shadow IT.


Digital Customer and Field Applications

best practices for accessibility and usability

Businesses today face massive barriers to digital transformation due to growing project backlogs, no time to innovate or scarce and costly resources. Slow in transformation may be caused by risk disruption for your organisation.

When organisations want to add new channels to attract and retain customers, great user experience is critical to the adoption of mobile and web applications. With a low-code platform, you can design immersive front end UIs that highlight your brand’s design elements while incorporating best practices for accessibility and usability, on and offline availability, responsive design, scalability, and security. For IT teams, a low-code application development platform can simplify testing, make integration with device capabilities or third-party APIs a snap, and significantly improve iterative feedback and testing to support continuous software delivery.

Legacy Replacement and Modernization

Incorporating the latest technology

The pressure to innovate or risk disruption from more modern and agile competitors is tremendous. Low-code application development platforms give IT the in-house capabilities to modernize legacy ERP, CRM, and other core systems without impacting day-to-day business and without locking into yet another vendor’s proprietary solution. Incorporating the latest technology for microservices-based architecture and containers and harnessing team-based DevOps approaches to digital service delivery, IT can replace or modernize legacy systems as necessary, without sacrificing availability, scalability, or functionality.

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