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ITSM Key Data : 2023 Service Management Trends Report

In 2023, many businesses are struggling with the weakened economy and global inflation. After the pandemic, many companies have recognized the importance of digital transformation. They are investing in improving work processes and management systems to reduce operating costs and enhance efficiency through technology. ITSM tools are a good solution. However, how to maximize the advantages of this system after implementation remains a key question.

Upgrade the efficiency of logistics and transportation Google Maps creating a new application of location intelligence for enterprises

In 2020, the covid-19 epidemic has changed the global industrial chain and most of the offline business models. It has created business opportunities for new service providers such as food delivery, transportation, e-commerce and online shopping. How does Google Maps help logistics companies to reduce operating costs and increase productivity and efficiency through location intelligence?

master concept become cirrus

Asana + Jira: How to enhance collaboration through data synchronization?

AI has been a very hot topic, and various software vendors have invested a lot of to make their AI models more practical. When these AI models advance rapidly and application become more diverse, many labor-intensive industries will undergo tremendous changes, and customer service will be one of them.

CDP Master Classes: Unlock the value of Customer Data

Introduction 根據財團法人人工智慧科技基金會(AIF) 「2023 台灣產業AI化大調查」,超過半數(54.2%)企業表示,內部已經開始使用生成式 AI 工具,包含導入公司營運流程、個人或部門內使用。然而同時,此調查中的 44.1% 企業也表示目前導入 AI 的過程中面臨最大的問題是「數據資料不足,或是散落於各部門難以整合」。 就如同我們人類透過從生活中、學校學習累積知識及成長,在沒有足夠數據資源訓練的情況下,AI 也無法發揮其真正的效用。大 AI 時代,您需要的不只是操作 AI 的技巧,還需要有效的數據搜集與整合平台! CDP(Customer Data Platform)對許多企業來說已經不是個陌生的名詞了,這樣的一個客戶數據平台可以協助企業產生持續且統一的數據資料庫,同時與其他系統共用,提供即時的數據整合並確保品質,讓企業更加了解客戶,進而加強及改善雙邊互動及客戶體驗。根據不同的角色,例如行銷、產品經理、開發者對於 CDP

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