Ping Identity Access

Safeguarding Your Digital Footprint, One Identity at a Time. Harness the power of AI and intelligent orchestration for unified, contextual identity governance on cloud and on-premise.

What is Ping Identity Access?

Ping Identity Access is a centralized access governance solution that bridges the gap between on-premises and cloud environments, allowing organizations to authorize identities and control access to critical applications and resources. By integrating with Ping Federate’s single sign-on authentication service, Ping Identity Access ensures only authenticated and authorized users can access the resources they need across an organization’s entire hybrid IT infrastructure.

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How Can Ping Identity Access Assist you on Cloud and on-premise?

With Ping Identity Access, you can deploy a robust on-premises identity server, leveraging industry-leading platforms like ForgeRock (now acquired by Ping). This powerful combination enables you to establish a centralized identity foundation, ensuring consistent access governance and streamlined user experiences across your on-premises and cloud environments!

Lifecycle Management

  • It automates the provisioning and de-provisioning of licenses (Including On-Premise!)
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting for complete visibility into license assignments, usage, and compliance.
  • Streamlined onboarding and off-boarding processes, reducing administrative overhead and mitigating access risks.

Universal Directory

  • Connecting All types of user directories (Including On-Prem AD, Azure AD/Entra, GWS LDAP!)
  • Extensible directory schema and customizable mappings to accommodate diverse identity data structures and requirements.
  • Consistent policy enforcement and streamlined user experiences across all connected systems.

Single Sign-On

  • Secure and convenient authentication experiences with a single set of credentials across applications and environments.
  • Context-aware access policies that adapt to user conditions, such as network, device, time, and location, for enhanced security and user experience.

MFA (Multi-Factor authentication)

  • Multi-factor authentication options, including support for third-party software and hardware-based MFA solutions.
  • Customizable authentication flows and adaptive risk-based policies for context-aware MFA enforcement.
  • Centralized management and reporting for MFA configurations, enrollment, and user activities across your entire organization.

Ping Identity access Strengthen Identity management for Industries Worldwide




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