Upgrade your security and strictly prevent unauthorized access

Experience the Industry’s Most Complete Zero Trust solution to protect your valuable asset without revamping or replacing your existing security architecture.

Zero Trust

What is Zero Trust about?

  • A security model network based on a strict identity verification process.
  • Only authenticated and authorized users and devices are able to access private network applications and data.
  • Protect applications and users from advanced threats on the internet.

Trust no one, both inside and outside of the network.

Master Concept provides a comprehensive security suite, by applying granular access control, visibility, analytics and automation to keep your policies in check.

Who needed Zero Trust?

You need Zero Trust when…

Remote Working

Users are often working online outside of the office

Monitor SaaS, IaaS activity

Necessary to keep on track of all users' activities on SaaS, IaaS

Secure Asset

Spending numerous time and effort on protecting your enterprise assets

Simplify IT Process

Streamline IT process and reduce human mistakes

Who needed Zero Trust?


Comprehensive colloboration integration


Identity Access & Management


Mobile Device Management


Secure Access Service Broker


Master Concept Zero Trust Framework

There is not something that 100% can be fulfilled by a single vendor. It takes multiple products combining together to build a holisitc security model for protecting your enterprise resources, and secure your remote workers.

People and Network Management

Unifies access across your cloud and on-premise apps for all users, ensuring the right users have access to the resources they need at the right time right place.

#LifecycleManagement #SingleSignOn #MFA

Workload and Data Management

Next Gen Secure Web Gateway, providing visibility into cloud utilisation and DLP to enforce better data security.

#WebProtection #SaaSProtection #DLP

Endpoint Management

Help your organizations to centralize management seamlessly and securely access corporate applications.

#CDR #Malware #VirtualDesktop

Corporate Management

Ensures consistent security and compliance across multi-cloud environments and simplify security operations by gaining deep, cross-cloud security visibility.

#ApplicationManagement. #DeviceManagement #SimplifyComplianceManagement

Success Story


  • Improve students and faculties login experience.
  • Unifies identity across 90% of the university’s applications and digital services.
  • Greater sense of visibility around user access and identity via all platforms.

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