Sun Spark Group with
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The essence of the success of a restaurant chain is to replicate quickly and effectively. Using Google Workspace saves data integration and speeds up all operational efficiency and communication. This is also internalized into our internal management mechanism, so that our successful model can be quickly copied and the data is transformed into meaningful insight in order to achieve KPI, allowing us to be closer to reality, and reach consensus in real-time.
Pei-yuan Hsu
Executive Vice President of Sun Spark Group


“Laya Burger” by Sun Spark Group was founded in July 2002. The success of the brand not only started a new trend of brunch, but also built Sun Spark Group’s brand image successfully. So far, the group has few brands, and there are more than 500 direct-selling and franchised stores in Taiwan. The Group was always committed to building high-quality chained western restaurants, and each brand has developed its brand uniqueness from store decoration, design, and meals. “We Connect People By Food” – Sun Spark Group will continue to carry its brand value and bring happiness and deliciousness to the world.

Challenge: build a data-driven foundation

Before the digital transformation, Sun Spark Group needed to spend a lot of resources to manage the server and host system. However, the stability of the system is difficult to guarantee, and it is possible to lose data due to different accidents, and the loss is hard to estimate. In addition, the Group needs to process extremely high-volume data every day. Data integration itself is time-consuming, which makes the process of decision-making and big data analysis longer.

The restaurant industry is relatively more competitive than other industries and needs to be in a state of contingency all the time to prevent the loss of customers. Therefore, it is necessary to make innovative changes to gain a competitive advantage. Replacing the cumbersome process in the past with Google Workspace’s team collaboration tools lay the foundation for success in data and digitalization.

solution: Google Workspace & Digital Transformation Services

Sun Spark Group has been using the previous system for many years. It takes a certain period of time for employees to adapt to the new working system and habits. With Master Concept’s professional assistance and training, the main goal is to help all the employees to adapt to the new system. Master Concept suggested that the proficiency of the Gmail system should be the primary goal, and then gradually integrate the calendar (Google Calendar), the cloud drive (Google Drive), the online collaborative operating system (Google Doc, Sheet, Slide) and even the internal video application (Google Meet) etc. Within one year, Master Concept continued to conduct internal training and set up a series of educational sessions for each department to deepen the understanding of Google Workspace among all employees.

Solving the communication and information management issues

The employees work in different places and offices, and there may be delays in communication. With the Covid 19 situation, using Google Workspace remote working system can help enterprises integrate data and communicate in real-time, turning crises into opportunities.

Real-time Information Management

Instead of coming back and forth between data and integration, store operations staff can now put all business data into Google Workspace instantly. This did not only speed up communication between headquarters and stores, but also shorten real-time data analysis and decision-making process to gain operational advantages. Google Workspace connected the group closely in such turbulent times. Employees can access and manage data anytime and anywhere, and this further improves work efficiency and effectively maintains social distancing.

Storage that meets all needs

Sun Spark Group uses Google Drive to replace the traditional hard disk to ensure security. Employees can now easily access the data they need on Google Drive, which is no longer restricted by geographical area and avoids the worry of hard disk capacity. Employees can also communicate and collaborate in real time through Google Chat. Files can be shared with other colleagues via Google Drive, saving the time of printing large amounts of documents. This greatly improves work efficiency.

Optimize communication efficiency

At present, Google Workspace has been used widely internally from Gmail to calendars, collaborative tools and online video meetings. Sun Spark Group also used Google Site to create an internal company website, integrating all internal announcements and information on the website to further improve the transparency of information. By doing so, this emphasizes the company’s core value: “Energetic employees, happy workplace”.

Result: Transform data to insight

With the successful implementation of Google Workspace, Sun Spark Group chose Master Concept again to implement Google Cloud Platform for machine learning, adding market data to expand physical stores and other strategies to transform all data into meaningful insight. The results of the analysis strengthen the accuracy of every assessment and improve the success rate of the store expansion, making it a simple matter to franchise Laya.

  • When the staff is managing their inventory for the stores, big data analytics can predict the orders based on the calculation results. They can also refer to and follow the calculations to order product types and quantities provided by the data to improve the problem of excessive inventory in the past, thereby saving inventory costs and transforming it into higher profit.

  • Based on consumer behavior and consumption, Sun Spark Group integrates and analyzes meaningful data, and uses big data to make accurate judgments and store management to improve performance.

As costs of labor are getting higher and standardization is becoming more important nowaday, restaurants need to constantly look for the best business model. Within the restaurant industry, many operators still make decisions by "gut feeling". I am very grateful to the professional team of Master Concept who assisted us in our digital transformation, so that we can collect valuable data for customers in a rational and professional manner, and then analyze and formulate marketing strategies. In addition, the data has also helped us make more precise judgments, and have continuously strengthened the core value of our brand, which allows us to improve our reputation and services.

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