Defend with WAF, Deliver with CDN
Your All-in-One Cloud Solution

Cloudflare has the most data centers worldwide for its CDN business.
With this massive global network, Cloudflare can provide security controls on their infrastructure backbone

Enhancing Security without sacrificing Performance!

Global Presence of Service Edge with Great Performance

Seamless integrations with most SaaS applications

Offer wide variety of features and pricing based on demanded features

Features Highlight

Cloudflare Zero Trust Security:
Optimized Network with Global Security Controls

Zero Trust Security

Offer ZTS Security Control on Network Layer (DLP, Sandbox Browser, Interconnect to SaaS, CSP)

  • Includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to prevent sensitive data exfiltration
  • Provides secure web browsing via isolated Cloudflare Browser Isolation
  • Allows secure interconnections between an organization’s resources and SaaS applications, Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and private hosted applications

MagicWAN (WANaaS)

Perform as the company’s Network Infrastructure

  • Allows for intelligent traffic routing
  • Enables WAN optimization
  • Delivers a fast, reliable, and secure experience from any location

Who may mostly benefit from Cloudflare?

Multi-Nation Company (MNC)
  • Possess many dataCenters, offices, warehouse, etc. in various countries.
  • With data centers and connectivity points spanning the globe, Cloudflare leverages its massive worldwide network infrastructure to deliver world-class performance and ensure optimal connectivity from any location around the world.

“Cloudflare offers the MOST service edge (Connecting Point) around the World comparing with any other SASE provider.”

Industry Verticals
  • Manufacturing, O2O Retail, Logistics, F&B (Restaurants) verticals that heavily rely on cloud services for data transmission and business transactions across multiple locations.
  • Industries like Manufacturing, Logistics, and F&B who often have operations spanning different countries and sites globally.

“Cloudflare provides an easy network solution that simplifies network infrastructure.”

How Cloudflare can strengthen your security effortlessly?

MagicWAN + Zero Trust Security (ZTS) to replace MPLS + Firewall
  • Zero Trust Security (ZTS) replace VPN and reduce Network Infrastructure complexity.
  • An improved version of VPN solution that tackles end-users to safely access company’s system for both On-premise and Cloud without sacrificing performance!
  • Endpoint installed SASE client as well as enabled contextual Accessibility includes checking the device, network and account security controls to determine what systems can be connected
  • SASE is able to route traffic to On-Premise hosting applications and also towards Cloud Applications even with dedicated interconnectivity!
MagicWAN (WANaaS, Server Oriented) it is served for securing the network access in server levels and back-end systems with Dedicated Interconnect
  • MagicWAN offers an easy setup for network infrastructure to maintain multiple data centers, offices and sites to connect altogether in one single network (using Cloudflare as central connecting point)
  • Centralizing all the firewall rulesets and configurations in one single UI (Cloudflare Platform)
  • By leveraging the CDN existing infrastructure in Cloudflare, WANaaS offered by Cloudflare provides a secure and stable network for constant data transmissions.
  • Monitoring and data Analyzing are easier as traffic travels through Cloudflare.

Success Story

Pure Fitness

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Why Master Concept?

Master Concept has been recognized by Cloudflare as an Authorized Service Delivery Partner (ASDP). As an ASDP, our professional team have the ablility to offer enterprises access to Cloudflare’s innovative security, performance, and reliability solutions. With our deep understanding and our 10- year expereince to zero trust solution in APAC, we deliver cutting-edge solutions to support business from various industry in APAC to build their very own zero trust framework.

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