Use simple and intuitive product data analysis to help the team accurately plan product roadmap, effectively driving product growth!

What is Mixpanel ?

Mixpanel is a powerful data analytics platform that helps businesses gain deep insights into their users, optimize product and marketing strategies, and improve customer engagement and performance. It is widely used in online businesses, application development, and digital marketing to provide tangible business value.

How can Mixpanel help product and marketing teams?

Understand customer profiles and accurately plan the 'right' marketing strategy!

  • Comprehensive analysis of user behavior both on your own website and on other website.
  • 360 tracking of customer journey
  • Doubled growth of marketing effectiveness

Data-driven decisions precisely drive product roadmap!

  • Analyzing A/B test variables of product feature .
  • Optimizing product performance based on comprehensive user feedback.

What are the differences between Mixpanel and GA4 (Google Analytics)?

Product enhancement through data tracking.

Custom group definition

Mixpanel allows you to create custom user groups based on specific conditions or attributes. This means you can categorize users into different groups using methods defined by your business, such as geographical location, behavior, device type, and other criteria. You can even customize user group metrics to design strategies that specifically target particular segments.

Report analysis with multiple filtering mechanisms

Mixpanel provides a variety of filtering and analysis tools that can help you dive deep into your user data. You can use these tools to view detailed user profile for specific groups or events and conduct 360-degree in-depth analysis to better track user behavior, preferences, and predict future trends.

Real-time generation of corresponding reports.

Real-time generation of reports allows teams to access the latest data and analysis anytime, anywhere during their day-to-day tracking and reporting, without having to wait for long processing times. This enables product teams to make faster decisions and respond to changing market conditions.

Ability to import and analyze historical data.

Using Mixpanel allows you to directly consolidate all the accumulated historical data to effectively understand long-term trend changes. You don’t need to start from scratch to collect data and can review data from the past few months or even years to strategize long-term product goals

Cross-platform identity data integration

Regardless of which channel, platform, or device users engage with your brand, Mixpanel can easily help you integrate user identity and attribute data, ensuring consistency between their identity and behavioral data. By gaining a 360-degree customer profile, you can provide a better user experience.

A/B testing for individual elements / Tracking Consumer Behavior Online

You can conduct experiments on individual elements or features to test which design or variation has the best impact on user experience. Meanwhile, you can track user behavior in real-time using Mixpanel to observe how they interact with your product and make improvements accordingly.

Third-party platform integration (message push, data platform)

Mixpanel supports integration with other data analysis and communication platforms such as Tableau and Power BI. It can also further integrate with message notification and push platforms like OneSignal to enhance user engagement and communication strategies, providing a better user experience.

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