Master Concept Pioneers Application Security and Zero Trust Services in Hong Kong as First Authorized Services Delivery Partner of Cloudflare

Master Concept, a leader in digital transformation, is pleased to announce its new status as the first Authorized Services Delivery Partner (ASDP) of Cloudflare for Application Security and Zero Trust Services in Hong Kong. This exciting partnership with Cloudflare, a leading  global company specializing in internet security, performance, and reliability, signifies an important step in improving multi-cloud IT environments, user experiences, and ensuring reliable connectivity.

With specialized sales and technical certifications, Master Concept is ready to offer enhanced sales offering, managed security, and professional services for Cloudflare’s various solutions, including its Zero Trust offerings.

This partnership brings together the expertise of Master Concept in digital transformation and Cloudflare’s robust security solutions. Cloudflare One, a comprehensive network-as-a-service solution, simplifies network security operations by integrating multiple functions into one solution. Notable features include Magic WAN, which enhances global connectivity, and Cloudflare Zero Trust, which ensures a secure web gateway for users.

In addition, Master Concept is also able to leverage Cloudflare’s Application Security capabilities, offering high-level internet security architectures, thus enhancing the digital experiences that Master Concept delivers to its clients.

Kelvin Wong, Technical director from Master Concept says: “Cloudflare’s secure workspace platform addresses the challenge of integrating SASE solutions for businesses transitioning to the cloud. Partnering with Cloudflare enables us by enhancing network security and implementing zero trust policies, making our services highly sought-after.”

Chrisanthy Carlane, Cloudflare’s Head of Global Partner Services, APJC mentioned: “Master Concept has established a longstanding partnership with Cloudflare, showcasing extensive expertise in delivering exceptional services and fostering great customer satisfaction for our strategic customers in the Hong Kong region. We are excited to have Master Concept as the first Authorised Services Delivery Partner for Zero Trust and Application Services in Hong Kong. Their profound insights into the local market and unwavering dedication to providing top-notch digital experiences impeccably complement our mission to build a better and more secure Internet.”

We’re excited to continue this journey with Cloudflare, reinforcing our pledge to serve both large enterprises and SMBs who require innovative and secure digital solutions.

About Master Concept 

Master Concept provides technology services and cloud advisory to improve customer experience for the world’s leading brands for nearly 20 years. With more than 120 people serving enterprise clients and thousands of other businesses around the Asia Pacific, our team provides cloud strategy, implementation and integration support, as well as training and platform enhancements for customers across all industries.

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