Master Concept joint partnership with Smartsheet, providing seamless modern work management and scalable collaboration

Master Concept is thrilled to announce our official partnership with Smartsheet, a leading platform for dynamic work collaboration that drives teams to be more productive and innovative. It could be said that this partnership is the union of two technology brands, aiming to achieve superiority and success for business in the Asia-Pacific region through integrity, teamwork, and collaboration. 

Empower team innovation and productivity with seamless workflow

Smartsheet is a cloud-based work management platform that allows teams and organizations at any scale to intuitively create workflows best suit their demands in accomplishing higher productivity with less duplicate work. Since Smartsheet emphasizes customizing workflows to personalized needs, enterprises are able to customize their no-code app based on their working habits.  

As a professional cloud advisor with over 15 years of proficient service experience in empowering seamless digital transformation via cloud computing, customer service, information security, and Martech, Master Concept is looking forward to what we can accomplish together with Smartsheet. Not to say we are thrilled and honored to become the first Smartsheet partner in APAC and are looking forward to inspiring both global and local teams to rapidly establish their own work management at all scales with no-code solutions.

“To keep up with the pace of fast-growing businesses, it is important that teams are working closely to generate the most productivity and innovation.”, said Dennis Wong, Director & Co-Founder of Master Concept Hong Kong “By partnering with Smartsheet, we can together assist and provide organizations with a workspace for seamless collaboration and more efficient workflows.”

Kush Jain, Smartsheet, APAC Channel Account Manager “We are truly honored to welcome Master Concepts into our Smartsheet Aligned ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region. The wealth of knowledge and experience that Master Concepts will share with our customers will be truly valuable”

Get a fresh start with Smartsheet

Smartsheet is capable of empowering teams to manage multiple projects and resources in simplified automated workflows and rapidly build business-driven solutions at scale. Through its collaborative dashboards, sheets, and report functions, it enables seamless and aligned marketing, project management, and IT operations in enterprises in any field.

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About Smartsheet

Smartsheet was founded in 2005 with customers located in 190 countries in the world. Its core mission is to empower anyone to drive meaningful change – for themselves, their businesses, and even for the world. It is lucid that simply working harder is not enough to be successful against a shifting economic landscape. That’s the reason why Smartsheet is committed to helping enterprises transform their approach to work and achieve their goals effortlessly.

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