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What is

Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving a company’s IT resources, databases, digital assets, and applications either partially, or wholly, into the cloud. It is also the foundation of digital transformation for most companies.

Moving your workloads to the cloud will not only reduces cost and increase efficiency, but also allow IT team to focus on product development – which is the most critical thing for business.

Migrataion Type

Virtual Machine (VM) Migration

Migrate your virtual machine from on-premises or other clouds directly into Google Compute Engine.

Database Migration

Migrate databases to Cloud SQL from on premises, Google Compute Engine, and other clouds. Replicate data continuously for minimal downtime migrations. Serverless and easy to set up

Storage Migration

Transfer data quickly and securely between object and file storage across Google Cloud, Amazon, Azure, on-premises, and more. Centralized job management to monitor transfer status.

Step ahead with

Master Concept

As Google Cloud Premier Partner, Master Concept helps industries to migrate to the cloud.

Our service includes migration between clouds, on-premise to clouds, and leverage the experience of our professional services consultants and our proven implementation methodology.


There are three ways to migrate to cloud, including ‘Lift and shift’, ‘Improve and move’, and ‘Remove and replace’.


Lift and shift

Lift and Shift can help users to move workloads with minor modifications or refactoring. This type of migration is ideal when a workload can operate as-is in the target environment, or when there is little or no business need for change.

  • Migrate for Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine


Improve and move

If the current workload isn’t supported in the target environment, a certain amount of improvement and refactoring is necessary to overcome.

In an improve and move migration, you modernize the workloads while migrating. It not only make them work in the new environment, but also improve each workload for performance, features, cost, or user experience.

  • Migrate for Anthos


Remove and replace

If the current app doesn’t meet your goals and you don’t want to maintain it, remove and replace migrations would be your option.

In remove and replace migration, you can completely redesign and rewrite it as a cloud-native app and let your app take full advantage of Google Cloud features, such as horizontal scalability and highly managed service.

  • Transfer Appliance
  • Transfer Service
  • BigQuery Data Transfer

Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story

Helps the security team understand
The real-time situation of the cloud

On Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Engine has its own Network Security Center (CIS) enhancements to secure servers, and firewalls for access control list (ACL) management for virtual private clouds (VPCS). This ensures all connections to the service are from the client’s IP address …

Introduced the GKE platform to allows reports to be produced flexibl

By using Apache Airflow, data collected from the websites were automated. As the platform can programmatically anthoring scheduling, and monitoring workflows, data pipelines are built then to be analysed to produce specific reports. On the other hand, the entire data collection process.

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