Revamping Hospitality: How to Create Immersive Virtual Tour with Photorealistic 3D Tiles and Aerial View API

After enduring an unprecedented slump, the global travel and tourism industry is finally experiencing a much-anticipated post-pandemic recovery. According to the marketing insight from Statista, the revenue in the travel and tourism market is projected to reach US$854.70bn in 2023. The crisis is always the turning point, are you ready to take the cake in the resurgence of travel and tourism?

After enduring an unprecedented slump, the global travel and tourism industry is finally experiencing a much-anticipated post-pandemic recovery. According to the marketing insight from Statista, the revenue in the travel and tourism market is projected to reach US$854.70bn in 2023, while the hospitality market occupied half of the volume of US$410.00bn. The crisis is always the turning point, this revenue is expected to grow 4.42% annually, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1,016.00bn by 2027. Are you ready to take the cake in the resurgence of travel and tourism? 

In the era of ever-changing technology, we all want something new. Customer expectations are higher and much different after the pandemic. Google Maps Platform introduces the new features of Aerial View API and Photorealistic 3D Tiles API, catering to expectations and bringing the revolutionized experience to customers. These features also reshaped the travel and hospitality industry, transforming the way we engage with destinations, accommodations, and leisure activities.

Aerial View API and Photorealistic 3D Tiles API: The Future of Hospitality

Source: Google

Aerial View API

The Aerial View API is a service that lets you create and display aerial view videos rendered, using Google’s 3D geospatial imagery of any physical address within the United States. The videos simulate footage taken by a drone circling overhead. It can also overlay other data on top of the imagery, such as traffic or weather data.

Source: Google

Application scenario: Pre-Booking Experience for Customers

Create virtual tours from Street View using Aerial View API, to explore the accommodation facade, amenities, and surrounding areas before booking. The immersive virtual tour provides visualized accommodation information, which is much better than verbal or written communication. Thus, the customer expectations can be manged and increase the booking review ranking.

Photorealistic 3D Tiles API

Photorealistic 3D Tiles are a 3D mesh textured with high-resolution imagery. They offer high-resolution 3D maps in many of the world’s populated areas. It builds stunning 3D perspective views, just as you can with Google Earth. These views help your users better understand geographic context, improve how they navigate, and they can showcase a place for storytelling. Using a renderer of your choice, you can also smoothly maneuver your camera through a scene to view it from different angles.

Application scenario: Interactive 3D map enhancing customer experience

A resort could use Photorealistic 3D Tiles to create an interactive 3D map of its property, to provide guests with immersive tours of the property, its surroundings, and local attractions. This innovative approach enhances the guest experience and differentiates the property from competitors. A personalized virtual experience can also be created for customers, highlighting their preferred room types, amenities, and areas of interest, to build strong relationships and loyalty.

How to choose between Aerial View API and Photorealistic 3D Tiles API

Aerial View and Photorealistic 3D Tiles are two powerful tools that enable the creation of immersive experiences. The choice between them depends on your specific project requirements.

If you’re looking for a convenient and ready-to-use solution that allows you to showcase videos of specific locations using 3D aerial imagery, Aerial View is the ideal choice.

Or if your project involves developing a highly customized and interactive 3D visualization of larger geographic areas, such as a city block, city, or state, from various perspectives like pedestrian-level, different heights, and top-down views, then Photorealistic 3D Tiles are the more suitable option. Its capabilities allow for a more tailored and flexible approach to meet your specific needs.

Maps JavaScript API

Source: Google

Successful branding will create a distinct brand identity, which will help guests feel engaged with your services and choose your hotel over other competitors. Maps JavaScript API is for you to customize the geospatial applications and make them more contextual. Google launching several new advanced map and route customization capabilities, along with reusable web components to build custom maps faster.

New data-driven styling capabilities let you customize map with your data

The preview release of data-driven styling for datasets on the Maps JavaScript API enables you to visualize and style your geospatial data as points, lines, and polygons on a map. The new Maps Datasets API enables you to import, store, and manage your geospatial data server-side in the Google Cloud console.
In addition, data-driven styling for boundaries is now generally available for the Maps JavaScript API. Data-driven styling enables you to easily display Google’s polygons for administrative boundaries. It also enables you to enhance your own tabular business data with Google’s administrative boundaries to style polygons or create rich, customized choropleth maps. With advanced markers for the Maps JavaScript API, you can create highly customized and more performant markers. You can even showcase your brand within the marker and save development time.

Source: Google

Application scenario: A customized dynamic map with the hotel’s signature style

Empower customers to explore beyond their rooms with interactive hotel maps, revealing hidden surprises in festive seasons and effortlessly locating amenities. Extend their adventures beyond the property with interactive city guides, showcasing attractions, restaurants, and points of interest with rich information and immersive Street View integration. The dynamic map can enhance the engagement of the customers and build customer loyalty.

Routes API

Routes API offers new advanced features so you can provide more informative, flexible routes and improved ETA accuracy. New features include 2-wheel routes for motorized vehicles, tolls data, real-time traffic information along each segment of a route, eco-friendly routing (in Preview) and more. It builds on the foundational features of the Directions and Distance Matrix APIs like comprehensive, up-to-date directions with real-time traffic, and calculating distances and ETAs for matrices of origin and destination combinations. 

Immersive View for routes, a feature that gives you all of the information you need about your journey — like weather and traffic — in a single and multidimensional view. This feature, which has started rolling out in 15 cities, builds on Immersive View for places that allow you to experience a place before you go.

Application Scenario: Visualizing Journeys with Real-time Weather, Street Views, and More

When navigating to a destination from the hotel, it can provide a visual route with rich information for the customer planning their day. For example, customers can look at the weather of the routes or any road closures along the way, or scope out the bus stop on Street View.

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