Asana Core Steps: Streamline Your Work Management Process – Part 2

Quickly Sync Project Information on Asana

To ensure effective online collaboration and team synergy, team members need to synchronize and stay up-to-date on project information within the project platform. To facilitate real-time updates and notifications related to project tasks, Asana provides a feature list that allows users to view notifications on task updates, tagged comments and discussions, newly assigned tasks, and tasks due on the current day.


In this section, you can quickly access important updates regarding project tasks that concern you. Asana will automatically send notifications to your inbox whenever someone makes changes to the time, information, or discussions related to a task in which you are involved.

My Task 

This area allows for more efficient management and scheduling of daily project tasks and work. Furthermore, it provides visibility on upcoming ‘assigned tasks’ that are approaching their due date, preventing the risk of overlooking any crucial tasks assigned by managers.

Cross-Project Task Syncing

Often, the same task may be related to multiple projects, requiring the creation of identical tasks in multiple projects. Asana allows you to maintain the same task across multiple projects, enabling quick access to task information in different contexts.


The ‘Comments’ feature within tasks allows teams to communicate and discuss with each other directly. Furthermore, utilizing the ‘@mention’ feature to tag team members or other project tasks, enables ongoing communication and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Automating Project Processes and Rules in Asana

The main objective of utilizing project management tools is to minimize the time and expenses associated with managing, planning, and distributing project tasks while standardizing project processes for similar types or requirements. Asana facilitates this objective through the customization of project information fields, the establishment of fixed project templates, the rapid assignment of project tasks, and the automation of project processes, thereby enhancing team collaboration with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Custom Fields

When creating fields in Asana, there are default project templates available. However, for projects that require tracking of specific information, users can edit the information that needs to be filled in when creating a project in the ‘Custom’ fields based on their specific needs. The more precise the information is presented, the faster and more effectively the team can synchronize and collaborate.


In addition to allowing you to easily move project tasks around different sections and stages using drag-and-drop functionality, Asana also enables you to automate workflows. By tagging tasks with specific labels or completing certain instructions, Asana will automatically move tasks to their designated location based on pre-set workflow rules. This not only saves teams a significant amount of time updating project information but also helps avoid missing important actions during project execution.


For commissioned tasks with fixed requirements, Asana can help project managers more effectively assign tasks to team members by allowing them to simply fill in basic project information through a “form” submission process. This eliminates the need to worry about incomplete information from the requesting party, which could lead to the assigned party spending more time collecting additional project information.

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