7 Essential Facts About OutSystems: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Low-Code

OutSystems' low-code development platform allows software developers and business users to build applications through an intuitive visual interface, rather than the traditional mode of writing code. This not only reduces the manpower cost of app development, but also significantly shortens the development time. In addition, such platforms are particularly suitable for projects where users cannot describe their requirements concretely or need to be deeply involved in the development process.

OutSystems and low-code

OutSystems is a platform with low-code programming capabilities (if you are unfamiliar with low-code, please refer to our other article “What is Low-code?” to learn more). This platform allows enterprises to save a lot of development costs and time, while also reducing development risks. With low-code development tools, developers and business users can build applications through a visual interface, which not only reduces the manpower cost of enterprise app development, but can also significantly shorten the development time that would normally take months or even years. This helps enterprises achieve the value of reducing costs and improving efficiency.

In addition to reducing development costs and time, low-code automation can also simplify workflows, increase productivity, and efficiency. By utilizing the low-code workflow automation feature of OutSystems, tedious tasks can be automated, saving time and manpower resources. Furthermore, low-code digital transformation can bring higher innovation and competitiveness to businesses.

Low-code application development can also help businesses better meet customer needs. OutSystems’ low-code development platform allows users to build a framework for the application within a few weeks and deliver it to customers for trial. Based on user feedback, the platform can continuously update the application’s performance and constantly enrich its functionality. Such platforms are ideal for projects where users cannot describe requirements specifically or need to participate deeply in the development process.

With the emergence of Chat GPT, people are increasingly pursuing different AI and automation tools to save a lot of work items. Low-code program development is also a popular digital transformation solution. OutSystems’ low-code development platform is a powerful tool that can help businesses achieve faster and more efficient digital transformation and provide better products and services to customers.

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In recent years, with the deepening integration of the global economy and the continuous rise in labor costs, most enterprises are entering a period of business model transformation. Many enterprises have gradually realized the need to increase their level of digitization in order to reduce management costs and improve efficiency, and the demand for digitization has shifted from being driven externally to being driven internally within enterprises.

However, during the process of digitization, enterprises always encounter the following situations:

1. Rapid development of digitalization and large changes in demand

2. Pressure on funding for digitization

3. Lack of sufficient digital talent

How to solve the challenges of digital transformation? 

One feasible and widely chosen solution is to use a low-code platform.

Low-code development has become a mainstream way for modern enterprises to build information systems. Compared to traditional programming, low-code development has several advantages:

1. Visual design: Low-code development platforms provide a visual development process, allowing developers to complete the main functions of the information system through drag-and-drop operations. This not only saves development time but also reduces error rates, making development more efficient and accurate.

2. Flexible customization: Low-code development platforms have strong customization capabilities, including page design, data table management, business process design, etc., making it easy to implement various enterprise applications. Developers can customize according to different business needs to achieve application systems that are more tailored to user requirements.

3. Permission management: Low-code development platforms can organize structure management and fine-grained permission management for multiple users, making it easy for enterprises to set and adjust permissions based on actual situations and promote internal collaboration. In addition, low-code development also supports the integration of external users and third-party applications, improving the collaboration and scalability of the information system.

4. Easy deployment and maintenance: Low-code development platforms provide a one-click release function, eliminating the need for complex network server configurations, reducing the difficulty and cost of system deployment and operation and maintenance. Meanwhile, low-code development also supports automatic updates and rapid iteration, enabling more flexible responses to changing enterprise needs.

Why choose OutSystems?

OutSystems is a low-code development platform that is more suitable for enterprise use because it not only has the advantages of a Low Code platform mentioned above: visual design interface, customization capability, and permission management function, but also allows enterprise personnel to quickly and easily develop and manage various information application systems. Using OutSystems can save time and resource costs, and improve enterprise productivity and efficiency. In addition, OutSystems also has high scalability and security, and enterprises can customize and extend it according to their own needs while protecting data security.

1. Widely used

Low-code development technology has been widely used by many large enterprises globally to develop internal enterprise applications and external customer business solutions. Low-code development technology not only can effectively reduce traditional manual operations but also improve work efficiency and reduce error rates, making it an effective way to help enterprises transform digitally. OutSystems has been selected as the world’s number one low-code platform by Gartner and Forrester.

2. Visual development

OutSystems’ visual development platform is very easy to learn and flexible to apply through drag-and-drop development.

3. Resource saving

One of the major advantages of OutSystems is that it saves development time. Using the same number of developers, compared to traditional development methods, OutSystems can increase development speed by 3 to 4 times. This means that an application that used to require three developers to develop for two months can now be developed with only one developer using OutSystems.

4. Fast market capture

OutSystems can shorten business promotion time by 3 to 4 times, which means that an application that used to take 3 to 4 months to launch in the market can now be launched in just 1 month using OutSystems.

5. Superb user interface and experience (UI/UX)

OutSystems has a perfect user interface selection, not only standardizing the enterprise system user interface but also improving user friendliness.

6. Cross-device experience

OutSystems’ low-code platform supports both web and mobile device applications. Software developers only need to design once to support multiple platform applications.

7. Built-in security

OutSystems uses the latest application security features to ensure that the entire process from design to deployment is secure.

What Is Low-Code? [2020 Update]

OutSystems Technical Support

As an OutSystems partner in the Asia-Pacific region, Master Concept is dedicated to promoting the development of low-code application development platforms in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. We have successfully assisted many large enterprises in implementing systems and leading customers’ digital transformation journeys through professional education and training and technical support. Master Concept has been awarded the APAC Partner of the Year for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, recognizing our achievements in promoting enterprise digital transformation and low-code development.

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